Fukuoka foods are delicious!I introduce it(From Japanese)


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I’m Chan!


I am Japanese.
But, I live in US.


I like eat to delicious food.


Japan is a lot of delicous food!


I know many foods Fukuoka, Japan.


Do you know Fukuoka city?

yjimage (10)

Famous place is Hakata!


I‘ll introduce that today:)



Hakata Ramen

yjimage (11)

That‘s a little similar to egg noodle.


I like pork bone soup.


We say [TONKOTSU RAMAN] in Japanese.


Also, Ramen is soy sauce soup, Miso soup and salt soup


But, Hakata Ramen is pork bone soup!


Topping is boiled egg, laver, sesame, leek and roasted pork fillet.


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yjimage (12)

Motsunabe originally was a local dish aroung the Fukuoka City area.


It is a nabe dish made from Motsu.


I want to eat it on a cold day!


Many vegetables are in it, too.





It is a pettitoes.


Japanese eat boiling that.

yjimage (13)

But, Fukuoka person are fried are ate that.

yjimage (14)

That is very delicious!


You should try eating that too!



Thank you:)

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